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Welcome to my Video Tube Station Review. In this review I will be uncovering the latest video marketing on youtube course from Andy Moore & Nigel Philips. As you know, video is big business and if you can master getting your videos to the top of Google and YouTube, you have the potential to attract more visitors and increase your revenue. The questiuon today is, "Does Video Tube Staion help you to achieve results thats going to increase your video traffic, rankings and revenue?".. Lets take a closer look...

Product Creator  Andy Moore & Nigel Phillips
Product Name    Video YouTube Station
Launch Date       August 26th at 11am EST!
Product Niche    Video Marketing/ SEO
Pricing               TBA

So What Is Video Tube Station

Basically, its a simple step-by-step beginners YouTube Video SEO Guide that shows anyone, especially beginners to video marketing, how to create great looking video Channels and Videos and get them ranked highly on Google, YouTube and other search engines.

So What Makes Video Tube Station Different?

This program will encourage and help those who need that extra bit of help to get started with video Seo in their business, both online and off. Designed to take the beginner by the hand and take them through each step of the Seo and Optimization process in order to get their videos ranked well.

Most people don’t know this process or follow it incorrectly resulting in low video views, nil sales and ultimately disappointment. Although there are plenty of videos showing this already, we leave no stone unturned in providing minute attention to details that have worked so well for our channel.


What In The Video Tube Station Box


  • 24 Professional Quality Videos full of YouTube Seo Video Secrets most people don’t even know about. These videos are packed with explaining each step of the system. Starting with the Fully expansive Mindmap, the videos go through every    step needed to Optimize your YouTube Channel and Videos thoroughly to get them ranked by Google.

  • Full In-depth Mindmap showing a breakdown of the whole course. Follow the Mindmap to help you fully understand the process and put it into action.

  • A very full Resources area stacked with links to further help you with advancing your video business.

  • Full lifetime membership of Video Tube Station. The Members area is constantly updated with new material as it becomes available by YouTube and Google. You will be notified immediately of any changes as they happen.

  • SEO Video Really Simple Check List – Make sure you miss nothing important!

  • SEO Video Strategies YouTube Progress Reports 1-4. Watch as we tested out this system over 2 months. These Video Progress Reports put beyond ANY doubt the effectiveness of a simple YouTube Seo Video Strategy. As you follow the course you will get the same results that I’ve achieved in a matter of weeks.

  • Forget about the slapdash hit and miss, stick a sloppy video up to YouTube and hope for the best – this is a simple, step-by-step kind of formula, so easy to follow and put into action. It includes all the little secret details that most people don’t even bother with – because they won’t know.

  • Fed up with stuffy boring screenshots that make you want to head over to Facebook? Not these videos. This Unique YouTube seo video training is presented with Humour and Entertainment. Our stunning Visual Effects offer an Exciting way to learn new video skills.

  • Easy to Follow, Step-by-Step Instructions in How To Use YouTube Videos to best effect in ANY niche. We’re confident that if you follow these directions you will get your videos ranked well.
This is the perfect course for those who want to begin with video marketing but need a lot of help along the way. It’s designed ensure the user gets their first YouTube videos and channel fully Seo optimized before going public. Great for those that need hand holding and encouragement to work at a new skill.

What I Liked Most About Video Tube Station

This course on setting up your channel so that YouTube and Google will love it is an example of hand-holding at its best. It keeps your attention because it is as entertaining as it is instructive and yet it is exceedingly thorough. This makes it a ‘must-have’ for business owners whose general marketing efforts will benefit from a strong presence on YouTube.

Another thing I would like to point out apart from a few funnies along the way is the navigation of the course. The guys have done a fantastic job in this area which I feel is important..there is nothing worse than getting lost in and having to find your way round with poor navigation.

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