Fast Cash Busters

Fast Cash Busters was released earlier today and the hype surrounding it meant that I just had to go and get myself a copy. In this Fast Cash Busters review, I will be offering my opinion on the claims as to wether you can indeed start to make $13 per day with each of the 4 methods you get in the course. Before I get started, below are a few details about the product.

Product Name : Fast Cash Busters
Author             : Malik Walker
Type                : Video Training
Cost                 : $5+ on a dime sale
Website           : Fast Cash Busters

So What Is Fast Cash Busters?

Fast Cash Busters is 4 methods in 4 video modules that teach you how to make $13 per day online. By following each of the methods, you will start to make either your first dollar online or an additional income depending on your experinece.

Are The Methods Any Good?

Each of the methods are infact very easy to do. Below is the listed modules:

Module 1 : Video Killed
Module 2 : Cha-Ching Chatter Splatter
Module 3 : Audience Capture
Module 4 : Instant Commission Madness
Module 5 : Resources

If I am being honest, the first module is very effective but should be used with caution. I have seen this method in action on YouTube and it does work but if used with the wrong intentions, it could cause you to have YouTube accounts closed etc. Im not saying that there is anything wrong with the method itself but there are ways that it could be mis-used. Use it in the way that it is intended and it can prove to be very successsful.

The whole course or 4 methods actually revolve around the affiliate site which is a monetization service for internet marketers, bloggers etc and the 4 methods teach you how to get huge traffic to an offer on If you implement each of the methods in the fast cash busters course, then you shoudl start to make the $13 a day as claimed.

Who Would Benefit From The Course

In my opinion, those that have never made any money online or those that are simply looking for an easy solution to making money online. Newbies would appreciate this more and some of the methods are already being used by internet marketers to great effect, epecially the first module.

Do The Fast Cash Buster Methods Work?

I don't see any immediate reason why any of the 4 methods in this course won't work apart from not actually putting them into practice. The do offer a good opprotunity and there is plenty of options to putting your own spin on these methods.

My Thoughts On Fast Cash Busters

When I first went through the course, I didn't really get the feel that this could be something that I could use but the more I sat back and thought about kind of grew on me. To be honest, I do like the first module and I can see myself using this method but with my own little twist to it. I don't care much for the other 3 modules but that is my own personal preference but Im sure those that purchase this course may find them more useful.

All in all, for the price of the course, the returns could be well worth the investment. If you want a simple way to make money or even some extra cash, then for around $5, this is a pretty cheap investment.

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