Commission Supremacy Review

Commission Supremacy Honest Review

Thanks for visiting the Commission Supremacy Review.As always, I have accessed the product and I am now presenting my honest unbiased opinion about Commission Supremacy. Let me just start off by alerting you to the fact that you may not have noticed but there is NO affiliate link or any other link to this product on this page and there is a very good reason for this which I will reveal later.

What Is Commission Supremacy?

Commission Supremacy is a 3 step system thats claims to help you to make money online. The 3 steps include, creating an account, pasting in your affiliate link and step 3 is generating affiliate commissions. That all sounds pretty easy don't you think? but when you actually get into the system, things start to become much more clearer and this is very much not the case.

What this product is is not the simple 3 step system that it claims. The system is really all about generating websites using scraped content and pasting in your affiliate links in that content and hoping that you are going to get ranked highly in the search engines to make affiliate commissions. If you go back the the sales video, it claims that someone made $268.70 in just 7 hours by doing this. I find it hard to believe that someone can simply create a website with scraped content and get it ranked at the top of the search engines and make $268.70 in 7 hours because if that was the case, then commission supremacy would be something very special.

Commission Supremacy - My Concerns

The sales video fails to mention that to be attract any sort of minor success from using this system, you will need to purchase the upsells which include a paid traffic module. The whole sales video made it sound as if you could just create a website, add some  content and make money within hours from your high ranking website..this is not true..

Commission Supremacy - What I really Think

I didn't find any real value in this system in any shape or form. The very fact that the sales video is misleading and the product is not what it is advertised to be. One other concern is that the creators must also see that there is no real value in their product and they are just out to make a quick buck judged on the exit shananagans. If you keep exiting the page, you can actually get this product for $9.00, thats a huge cut from $49.00. If thsi product held any value and the creators had any thoughts towards customers, they would hold fast on the original prive or offer a much smaller discount.

Commission Supremacy - Final Thoughts

Having watched the sales video many times over and seen the course material and what it entails in the members area, I simply cannot recommend this product. In my opinion, there are a few misleading claims in the sales video which is just not acceptable and that is why there is no affiliate link or any other link to this product. I cannot recommend anything that I wouldn't find useful, use
myself or see results from and this people, is one of those products. I am not saying that you don't have to take my word for it, sure, go ahead and buy it if you think that you may get some use from it but you won't be getting it through any affiliate link of mine.


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