Fast & Cheap Story Books Review

Product  : Fast & Cheap Story Books

Author   : Amy Harrop / Debbie Dunn

Price      : $9.95  ( ATW ) at time of writing

Type      : Video Training

Access   : Download Fast & Cheap Story Books

Welcome to my Fast & Cheap Story Books review. As promised, I only review products that I have accessed. I have managed to secure access to the product thanks to Amy Harrop and so you can be assured that you will be getting an honest, unbiased review. So, without further ado, kets get into the review.

What Is Fast & Cheap Story Books

Fast & Cheap Story Books is a video training course that teaches how to create little story books for kids using images and text that you can sell on to family friends or sell them as kindle books. Take a sneak peak inside the members area below..

What You Get In The F.S.B Course

Inside the members area, you will access the video modules. There are 4 modules each containing step by step videos of each process to creating your story books. As you can see in the video, each of the steps are very easy to follow and all the resources are provided. Apart from the cost of the course, there are no further costs involved which simply means you can make as many story books as you like and make money off them..

Who Can Use The F.S.B Course?

Absolutely anyone can use this course and if you have a creative flair, then this is going to be right up your street. There are no technical skills required so creating story books should be no problem at all.

My Final Thoughts on F.S.B

This is something that does have a lot of potential. The example book in the course was not up to the standard that I would have expected and I am sure I could have done much better..My guess is that it was quickly put together. In my opinion, with a little more time and creativity, you will be able to create some very good material.

The course is easy to follow and provides everything to help you get started as soon as you access the members area. I would recommend this to those that have time to spare and have that creative way of thinking...the possibilities are endless if you have small children.

Thanks for stoppping by folks and hope this review has given you a better idea of Fast & Cheap Story Books..If it hasn't and you would like to know more, you can click on the access link at the top of this post or drop me your question below..

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