Jewelry Clone Review | How To Sell Your Own Jewelry Online

Today I am going to talk about a new product called Jewelry Clone. With the Jewelry market and demand online ever increasing, it seems to make perfect sense to get started in the Jewelry niche.

Product:  Jewelry Clone
Type:       Wordpress Based Theme
Author:   Coolice ( Warrior Forum)
Price:       $37 Single License : oto $67 Multi License 
Website:  Jewlery Clone
What Is Jewelry Clone and Why Should You Be interested?

Jewelry Clone is a one stop solution for anyone looking to make money online in the Jewelry niche. You get a fully loaded word press based theme that you simply upload, plugin your affiliate links etc and away you go. All you need to do then is market your website and start getting traffic and customers to it.

Features Of Jewelry Clone

Professional Looking Theme
Fully Monetized
Pre-Loaded Content
Automatic Updates
Easy To Install
Fantastic Support

What I didn't Like Or Could Be Improved

I know this can be rectified but it can still be a pain and thats spammers in the comments. I would rather have seen a feedback section and keep any comments away from the product pages..If you don't set comment filters up from the start or forget, you could end up with people visiting your site facing a heap of crappy comments on the page which could be an off putter..Like I said, this can be avoided..just my thoughts.

Would I recommend Jewelry Clone?

I would definitely recommend Jewelry Clone to anyone who wants to learn how to set up their own jewelry store online. In my opinion, this is probably the fastest way to get started in this niche and making money. This is certainly something that I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing and I encourage you to do the same.

There's no time to lose, go grab yourself a copy of Jewelry Clone, the best investment you will ever make if you want to start making money online in one of the worlds largest niche markets..

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