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Welcome to my review of Tube Takeover, the video seo marketing home study course from Michael X. In this review I will be talking about this video course, what it is and if it offers anything of any real value to you as a potential customer. With so many video marketing courses available these days, its hard to know just what is the real deal so hopefully, by the end of this Tube Takeover Review, you will have a much better idea of what the course entails and if its any good.

Product    : Tube Takeover
Type         : Youtube Video Seo & Ranking Course
Author     : Michael X
Price         : $37.50 ( at the time of writing )
Download : Download Tube Takeover


Tube Takeover Members Area

Below is a quick video (sorry, no sound) of me ( Jackie Thompson) logged into the members area. I like to prove that I have access to the products that I review and so here is the video.

What Is Tube Takeover?

The first part of the training is the Best Practices Michael talks about the do's and don'ts using video..These are a few simple but essential tips that will help you right off the bat making silly video mistakes. To be fair, these tips may not seem much at  first glance but they all add up to creating a far more successful video campaign..

The next set of videos are the On Page SEO you have more tips and tricks to setting up your video with the right SEO criteria..after all, this is what Tube Takeover is all about..Michale has detailed some important factors here when it comes to uploading videos and ensuring that your videos have the right SEO in place..

Other videos in this section include YouTube  annotations, captions and call to action slides tips..again, some very important and handy tips and tricks in this section..I can guarantee that there will be some very surprised users who discover some vital mistakes after watching this part of the Tube Takeover course.

The meat and potatos of the tube takeover home study course is the Daily Plan..This is a detailed video plan which is set out over 7 days and there are 8 videos as day 1 is split into part A and part B.

Over the course of 7 days, you will be implementing various courses of action (s) to start the ball rolling to getting your videos to the top of the search engines and dominating your market.

My Final Thoughts- Tube Takeover

I have no doubt that if you follow each of the steps laid out in this course and learn the strategies on offer, you will have far better success with video marketing and rankings than you are doing now. I must stress though that there is some work involved in this course and each of the steps in the course need to be followed..

I have learned some great tips in Tube Takeover and although there are some things that I already knew, there will always be some tit bit that can add to my personal arsenal to make things that whole lot better..

I would recommend Tube Takeover to those that are looking for a more intense video marketing course that gets results. You will achieve results with this course and in my opinion, there will be those that purchase this course and do absolutely nothing with it and if you don't fall into that category, you will simply leap right ahead of those peoeple and dominate them in every area of youtube marketing..

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