Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Google Video Goldmine: Review Of Golden Video Goldmine

If you want a quick way to learn how to make sales videos, Google Video Gold Mine is a new course from couch queen, Delilah Taylor that teaches how to achieve that in just 10 minutes.

Video sales letters have never been the easiest things to create. Thankfully, these days, free tools and good training make the process a better learning curve.

So, Google Video Gold Mine, what's it really all about? Well, it's about learning how to create a video sales letter with Google Hangouts. I know this isn't anything new to many people but I feel there are many individuals who are new to video marketing that need to find out more about this stuff. Delilah starts off by introducing you to gmail, let's face it, everyone needs a google mail account and again, people new to this area don't know how to do it so the couch queen starts you off with getting that set up. You need a gmail account to create a G+ profile and you need G+ profile to create a Google Hangout, so you see why these are all important factors and for those that don;t know, could easily get lost somewhere along the line.

Check out the sales page here for more info about this course : Google Video Gold Mine 

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