Monday, 22 December 2014

Tube Ranking Control WSO By Saul Maraney

Now you can dominate Google with video and take full ranking control with the help of Saul Maraney. Saul has just released his new 18 minute video course that teaches you how to dominate Google with video and using a little neat trick that no one else is teaching, increase your click through rates and sales.

If you use video, which I am certain you do, then you know how difficult it can be to get your video to the top of Google. It's not your fault, you do all the seo and all the other stuff that is recommended for top rankings and after all that hard work, you find that some dude has pinched your spot with very little effort at all. I know the feeling well and thankfully, with the help of Saul Maraney, we should now find ourselves in a better position to take full tube ranking control.

Saul uses the very popular hangouts on air and the advantage with using this video platform is that, although it's easy once you get to know your way around it, many of your competitors find it too technical and too much like hard work and this my friends, is great news for you.

Forget what everyone else is doing or should I say not doing and put yourself in the driving seat and take full advantage of their lack of effort. Tube Ranking Control teaches you how to set up and publish your Hangout on Air from start to finish. Not only do you get to learn about Google Hangouts but also the little know trick that Saul implements into his video increase his sales. No point having a no.1 spot video if your not making sales. Saul takes you through this meat trick and after implementing it, you should start to see improved results.

Ok, so there is my brief overview and review of Tube Ranking Control. It's an 18 minute video and a 31 page pdf guide detailing over the shoulder step to getting started. It's on a dime sale which means the earlier you get in the cheaper it will be. If you do video reviews and want to get higher rankings and make extra cash, then be sure to check it out.

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